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We provide a total logistical solutions for our customers with a personalized service.

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Reliably packaged – our packaging experts have built up their know-how through many years of experience and have perfectly mastered their trade. As the final link in the value chain, we are accustomed to working under time pressure and always deliver your transport packaging on time! This prevents any unwanted surprises.

Because creative minds make all the difference. Everybody wants them, but not everybody has them! The geniuses who work in isolation and amaze us with their fabulous ideas. Optimo Logistics develops the ideal transport packaging for each customer. From ingenious reusable packaging through to toolboxes and art packaging.

Expedia Logistics impresses through its high-quality packaging service and its desire to support customers according to the latest developments. Whether by offering advice, developing individual transport packaging or packing goods for export. From more than 250 tonnes of heavy products through to sensitive technological equipment: Our packaging service is safe, efficient and reliable.


Because good advice makes all the difference. And because: transport packaging is not always “just” packaging! How sensitive is the product you need to package? What are the transport routes and what are the weather conditions like along your routes? How can the costs be influenced by the type of export packaging? Where are goods packaged and what infrastructure is available? Optimo Logistics advises its customers in order to ensure secure transportation and optimise costs.